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Jay Patel

Office Manager - Redwater Physiotherapy

Jay Patel | Office Manager | Redwater Physiotherapy

Jay Patel

Meet Jay Patel, Our Expert Office Manager at Redwater Physiotherapy

Jay Patel is a highly organized and efficient Office Manager at Redwater Physiotherapy. With years of experience in administrative and management roles, Jay ensures the smooth operation of our clinic, providing exceptional service and support to both our team of healthcare professionals and our valued patients.

Education & Certifications


As the Office Manager, Jay is responsible for a wide range of duties at Redwater Physiotherapy, including:

Skills & Expertise

Jay brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to Redwater Physiotherapy, which includes:


Jay believes in the importance of providing exceptional service to both patients and staff at Redwater Physiotherapy. He is dedicated to creating a supportive, efficient, and welcoming environment that fosters a positive experience for everyone who visits our clinic.


Jay's professionalism and attention to detail are truly impressive. He ensures that our appointments are always well-organized and that our experience at Redwater Physiotherapy is consistently positive.

Jay's warm and welcoming demeanor always makes us feel at ease when we visit Redwater Physiotherapy. His dedication to providing excellent service is evident in every interaction.

Contact Information

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