Redwater Physical Therapy is excited to introduce our newest service: Lymphatic Drainage Massage!
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What We Provide

Back pain

If you are suffering from chronic back pain or experiencing acute pain problems due to an injury, our physiotherapy treatments offer long-lasting solutions to comfort you easily.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can be caused due to many reasons. From bad postures to extreme physical strain, anything can trigger pain. We offer complete physio care for quick relief.

Hip pain

If you have a hip injury or feel discomfort due to sitting at a desk for too long, hip pain can make your life difficult. Our physio care relieves you of the pain effectively.

Foot pain

Tiredness, injury, wrong choice of shoes, excessive workout – the causes behind foot pain can be many. We have the right solutions for foot pain & related discomforts for patients of all ages.


Neck Pain

Neck pain can be extremely disturbing, creating obstacles in daily work, whether in the office or at home. We have thus come up with physiotherapy solutions for neck pain issues.

Massage therapy

Want to mitigate stress & anxiety? Willing to unwind in peace? Massage therapy is your best choice here. You can choose from our wide range of massages to soothe your body & mind.

Motor vehicle accident physiotherapy Redwater MVA


Car accidents may only leave you with a dent in your ride, but they can also cause serious harm to your health.

Lymphatic Massage Therapy

At Redwater Physical Therapy Clinic, we are proud to offer Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage services to our clients.

Concussion Physiotherapy

Concussions, often arising from sports injuries, falls, accidents, or any blow to the head, can lead to a diverse array of symptoms that range from physical to cognitive and emotional.

Hand Pain Physiotherapy

Among the multitude of effective treatments we offer is Hand Pain Physiotherapy, a specialized domain designed to address and alleviate various conditions.

Fibromyalgia Physiotherapy Redwater | Redwater Physio


Navigating life with fibromyalgia can be a daily challenge. This chronic condition, characterized by widespread muscle pain and fatigue

Arthritis Physiotherapy Redwater | Redwater Physio

Arthritis Physiotherapy

At Redwater Physiotherapy Clinic, we understand that living with arthritis can pose significant challenges, affecting not only physical health but also the quality of life.

Sports Physiotherapy

In the athletic realm, the intricacies of movement matter immensely. The way an athlete runs, jumps, lands, or swings can make the difference between a triumphant victory or a heartbreaking defeat.

Knee Pain Physiotherapy Redwater | Redwater Physio

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Navigating the world with a vestibular disorder can be an unsettling and disorienting experience.

Cupping Therapy

At Redwater Physiotherapy Clinic, we strive to deliver innovative and effective therapeutic solutions that cater to our diverse clientele.

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy | Redwater Physio

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy

At Redwater Physiotherapy Clinic, we’re proud to be a contracted service provider with both the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) and Alberta Health Services (AHS).

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