About 6 months ago I got terrible pain in my lower back after I got on MRI it showed I had a herniated disc in my lower back after a few days my doctor recommend for me to the physiotherapy at the Redwater Physical Therapy after I received treatments it turned out very well. I am very happy with the outcome.

Joseph Herbst (J.H)

Movement of shoulder from 30% to 95%, Painless sleep at night, back to normal activity, Treatment was successful giving me comfort and mobility, the exercise program was placed in perfect harmony with my pain and movement. I would totally recommend physical therapy with Kay. Jay was helpful and greatly accommodating.

Laverne Lubemsky (L.L):

My physio has been very beneficial for me. The treatment was very professional. Exercise regime is working great for me. I am doing much better with my strength. Stretching and exercise is very important and a person should really think towards the future about their body and how we function.

Cathy Logan (C.L)

I was happy with all aspects of my treatment. I felt heard and felt that I was cared about. I needed extra time! Therapy and felt that the two physiotherapists that worked with me worked together to make this happen through WCB. I feel great and no pain. I am very thankful to all the staff for their time and patience with me.

Christine Berget (C.B)

I am very happy with my experiences. Both Div and Jay were very informative and took my pain very seriously. I had trouble bending and twisting and it was very difficult to turn my neck. I had frequent headaches. Most of not all, of the pain is gone. My headaches are reduced. When Div didn’t work MK and Kay were also excellent. They too were informative and very professional. I was glad that Div extended my treatment until he was confident that I was better. I wish Div worked here every day. I will recommend this clinic for everyone.

Lenore Lamouche (L.L)

Amazing! When I first came I had to use a walker, then progressed to a cane and now walking on my own. Exercises given are awesome.

Judy Hertel (J.H)

I broke and separated my right collar bone in early June in a quadding accident. When I first came for treatment I had very little movement in my right shoulder and lots of pain. Throughout my treatment regime I have regained a lot of my movement back and live relatively pain free in my shoulder area. The exercises given for me to rehab the shoulder have helped me get back to full duties at work and be able to perform these duties without any limitations. I am pleased with the treatment plan designed by my physiotherapist.

Allan Scott (A.S)

I started coming in August, two months after ankle surgery with intentions of being back to skating before winter. I was still in an airboot at the time, my intentions were taken very seriously and kay had me skating again the first week of September. He showed me progressive exercises that were easy to do at home, and that I feel helped speed up my recovery October 18, 4 months post surgery I am back to all my normal activities. Thank you!

Lorelei Thomas (L.T)

When I came to physiotherapy I had difficulty dressing at the back, putting pans in the oven and reaching over head to get bowls. Closing the car door from inside was painful, as was putting on socks. I had a lot of pain. The physiotherapists gave me ice, electric impulses and showed me exercises to do at home, gradually increasing difficulty. Now I have full range of motion and strength. The pain is gone and I can do all of my work. They were professional and friendly throughout the treatments from front staff to physiotherapist.

Jeanne Frederiksen (J.F)

Before I came I could barely walk with my left foot and side. With therapy I can now walk and lay with just a little pain once in a while.

Jennie Rozak (J.R)

When I first came in I came for my neck. In certain positions I would start to feel like I would pass out, most of the time I could stop it by changing positions of my neck. After therapy and neck stretching and strengthening exercises feel much better. My foot before therapy at times I had a real hard time walking and experienced a lot of pain. Now after having therapy very seldom experience any pain and walking has become normal.

Gerrit Velthuis (G V)

As an active hockey official at 57 years of age lower back strains can happen at the worst times. The staffs here have helped me better prepare for my activities. The exercises and strengthen methods really help me be available to continue an active life style. Thank you.

Andrew Murray (A.M)

Came here on a recommendation from my GP in smoky lake. Broken ankle Nov 29 2018. Advanced quickly with exercises at home. staff very friendly and helpful in all aspects. Feel independent, but will continue with strength building. Thank you Div.

Ivana Winter (I.W)

Truthfully, I was not expecting good results from the physio, I was totally wrong. I felt almost immediate positive results after the first treatment and continued to improve with successive treatments.

Jamie King (J.K)

They take the time to explain all treatments and exercises as per how it helps/works and why. They push to see limits and try to achieve more than what I thought I’d be able to do again. They are very positive and try best to help achieve goals. No pain, no gain. Thanks!

Chantal Melanson (C.M)

When I first started, I was having pain waking me at night and had problems walking in the morning. Upon completion of treatment I have no pain at night and no issue walking in the mornings. I have experienced steady improvement in mobility.

Brenda KirK (B.K)

Come to physiotherapy after a shoulder injury. The therapy team worked with me at my pace, never pushing me, to a smooth recovery. I am now back to my previous condition prior to injury without the help at physiotherapy. I strongly believe I would still be struggling to accomplish everyday tasks.

Audra Ekins (A.E)

First time at any physical therapy clinic, I was shell shocked getting hear day I didn’t know what to do, what to expect. From step 1 the admin at the front desk very helpful, calming and aided me to get everything filled out. The Dr. Div was excellent answered all my questions and also explained to me everything that I needed to do and know for a full recovery. I followed the exercises at the office and at home and 6 weeks later 100%. Thank you.

Alain Leblace (A.B)

Very satisfied with the therapy treatment I received at this clinic. They are professional and caring. I first came with very inflamed and stiff left hand and after my sessions my hand is almost back to normal. Thank you so much for all the care.

Imelda Leclerc (I.L)

Got electrocuted and it affected my shoulder movement and hands before therapy I couldn’t keep my arms abouve my head. Now I can and work with minimal pain and my arms don’t seze up and can move.

Niel Fortier (N.F)

I am very satisfied with the outcome of my visit to redwater physio. They were very clear an explaining why these exercises would help with my pain and injuries. Before with my back pain, I was unable to get up off a chair without having a pain in my back. Now I don’t have to worry about that pain any more, due to the proper exercises and how the therapist showed explain how to do them properly. I would recommend Redwater Physio to anyone with back pain.

Garry Dowhaniuk (G.D)

This therapy experience has helped me ease back into sports, after the dislocation I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do the same activities as well as I could before. I have regained confidence in my abilities. I fell stronger and more educated than before. I am glad to be back in curling and school sports.

Nolan Peters (N.P)

I was in a lot of pain due to the surgeries. With Div’s expertise direction, I am now well on the road to recovery. I have been recommending this physiotherapy clinic to whoever needs it. Thank you.

Liz L’Heureux (L.L)

I am very satisfied with all the therapy I had. It sure helped me a lot in my accident to recover my injury. They did very good work.

Bella Tomniuk (B.T)

My rotator in right arm was very weak, have gained a lot more strength. Thank you

Alfred Morgan(A.M)

My experience at Redwater Physical Therapy was great. Jay and Div are very nice and helpful. Thank you, Div for your kind words and being so nice. My therapy and conditioned helped me a lot, it helped me with exercising again and being healthy. I’ve noticed my pain lessened when active due to therapy and I regained my strength back. Thank you for all. Take Care. I’ll be back to visit!

Vicki Tomniuk (V.T)